Monday, September 17, 2007

Edgar Wood: Durnford Street

Edgar Wood: Durnford Street, originally uploaded by fotofacade.

Along with Sellers, Wood provides us with an intimation of the Modern in Middleton near Manchester. For me this has intimations of the Wiener Werkstatte and the Palais Stoclet.

Despite it being listed most of the building was demolished recently (just the tower block remains)

See the full exhibition here

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Edgar Wood (architect) miniplanet

Between the 6th and 9th of September 2007 I held an exhibition on Edgar Wood in Middleton at Long Street Methodist Church. Here are the prints from the exhibition which are still available for purchase. All funds go to the Friends of Long Street Methodist Church. For cost and purchase information you can flickr mail me or contact me at

“There is an individuality about Edgar Wood’s work that represents the unique spirit of Middleton.

His work is rooted in the history, the culture and the buildings of Middleton.

If you look closely at the images in this exhibition, you might notice a dialogue between Wood and the Middleton of his time. A dialogue, which includes form, pattern and decoration, absorbed through his association with other historic buildings such as Saint Leonard’s Parish Church and Hopwood Hall.

Middleton is suffering from an architectural “snow blindness”. This white-out is caused by the fact that we have so many unique and notable buildings.

Edgar Wood’s buildings alone mark out this proud old town as being a little different than others.

How many cities, notwithstanding towns, have the benefit of the unadulterated patronage of an architectural genius – and also reflect the full architectural development of such a genius?

Add to this the remarkable collection of significant other buildings scattered throughout the town, and we have something that can’t and won’t remain unnoticed forever.

It is important therefore for us, as custodians of our historic town, to ensure that Middleton’s importance is recognised beyond its borders, and that we look after our historic built heritage – down to the very last detail.

This exhibition is intended to further this cause, and also to bring attention to the threats and dangers, which are apparent to some of his buildings.

Long Street Methodist Church is one such building, and it needs your support to continue its future as a priceless part of Middleton’s built heritage.

Thanks to the Friends of Long Street Methodist Church for commissioning this work.

This exhibition is dedicated to my Mum and Dad. “

Saturday, September 08, 2007


woodyoubelieveit, originally uploaded by fotofacade.


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