Sunday, October 30, 2005

English Georgian Fanlights

Most people have a soft touch for Georgian architecture and I have to admit I am a fan, especially of the fanlight. There is so much beauty and variety in the form which can be seen across the length and breadth of the British Isles (and the USA).

In the UK the fanlight began to appear in the 1720's and had a simple design with the given function to light the hallway behind. As the century developed, designs became more complex and hierarchical.

Many styles were incorporated into the fanlight design including Rococo, Adam and Gothic styles. The fanlight reached its peak in Britain in the later C18th. Fanlights continued into the C19th but became simpler and heavier in design.

The images above were taken over a period of 2 years in places such as Liverpool (which has a remarkable Georgian heritage), Richmond (Yorkshire), Bury St Edmunds, Leeds and Colchester. My favourite is the simple Gothic fanlight top middle.

Another favourite for its sheer exuberance is in the photo I took in Amsterdam in early 2005. It is the entrance to West India House.

You can see all my fanlight photos at Alamy

The compilation above is available as a print in the formats indicated below:-

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