Friday, February 24, 2006

Beverley Saturday Market

The Saturday Market developed to the north of Beverley Minster and there has been a market on this location since the C13th. Further south the Wednesday Market (which still exists) lies upon the site of the original market designed to serve the religious community of the Minster.

Around the life of the Minster the town grew and the Saturday Market was established to serve the secular community. The market is full of life with colourful awnings, rich aroma's and plenty of noise. European bread and olive stalls are contrasted against, jewellery and tool stalls. Whilst you walk around you do get a sense of the history of the place and your part in the tradition of commerce which has been alive for over 800 years. The vista's are remarkable - to the north we have the beautifully complete Perpendicular Gothic of Saint Mary's and to the south we have the aspiring twin towers of the Minster. On the wester boundary of the market the Green Dragon public house now takes up the full length of the original medieval burgage plot.

Here's a whole raft of Beverley images taken over a period of several years

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