Monday, June 12, 2006

Beetham Tower Manchester UK

I took this image last Friday. I took along the tripod and this is always a concern as later I was apprehended by a security guard outside GMex asking me to stop taking photographs. He was polite. Apparently the land around GMex is private.

Anyway back to the photo - This building has grown on me (in more ways than one) it dominates the skyline of Manchester and is an impressive monumental sight when driving into Manchester down one of the main routes. It is the Beetham Tower; or sometimes known as the Hilton Tower at the south end of Deansgate. It was designed by Ian Simpson Architects and apparently Mr Simpson himself is to have an apartment right at the top.

The photograph is an HDR image taken on a tripod with several exposures and blended together using Photoshop's HDR merge facility.

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