Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Rievaulx Sketch

I spent much of last week over at Rievaulx, Yorkshire. The Abbey (which is looked after by English Heritage) consists of the substantial remains of a Cistercian religious complex initiated in the C12th and which grew organically over a further 300 years until the dissolution of the monastries.

Part work, part play I spent the time in Abbey Cottage which is let out by English Heritage.

The Abbey remains are remarkable, even more breathtaking is the valley that they reside in. There is a harmonious whole to the site of ochre yellow limestone rising out of the steep sided valley. It is difficult to compare Rievaulx with
Fountain's Abbey (which is close by).

Whilst Fountain's is remarkable in the breadth of what survives I think that Rievaulx tops the league in terms of natural setting and epic backdrop, views and vistas.

The photograph is of Sam my son who looks to be hard at work sketching the ruins, but in reality he'd found a hotspot which gave him 1 bar on his mobile phone and he wasn't budging until he'd received all his texts from friends.

More images of Rievaulx over the next few days....

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