Friday, February 23, 2007

The Ark of the Covenant?

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Back in the Basilica at Saint Denis, I soon found myself in the crypt which has a Byzantine feel. Whilst walking around the many chapels cut into the apse I came across this little marvel. Something faintly Da Vinci Code about it. Here is a hunk of stone with a vine motif roughly carved upon it and the tool marks of the originator cut deeply into the patina. How old is this? Dare I say Roman? Whatever it's age - the reverence given to it and it's marvellous location certainly made it look and feel special. I felt for a fleeting moment that I was seeing something of the person that created it many hundreds of years ago. Not many subjects get the Andy Marshall top third and floor perspective shot - but this deserves it. A work of art.

Saint Denis Basilica Paris France

Andy Marshall

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