Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Angel - Royd's Chapel

Angel - Royd's Chapel, originally uploaded by fotofacade.

Whilst preparing a shot for the chancel at Saint Edmund's I felt a presence on my left shoulder and looked up and saw this ;-)

The roof is full of geometrical shapes in keeping with the symbolism behind the masonic traditions (I imagine).

Saint Edmund's", Falinge near Rochdale - is a real tour-de-force. Built in the 1870's for £28, 000 (when a good church cost £4000). It is a Masonic Church and Pevsner says that it has symbolism to rival the Da Vinci Code Rosslyn Chapel. I am photographing the interior because it is due to close soon.

"Almost every fitting and feature has
reference to the Lore of masonry." Says Pevsner.

The listing also states - Internally
and externally such reference extends not only to the front,
lectern and communion rail but to roof trusses, stained
glass and more abstract qualities such as proportions which
are said to relate to those of Solomon's temple

Check out the full set (which is being added to regularly)

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