Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Masonic Intrigue (Part 1)

Built upon the proportions of Solomon's Temple?

Falinge is a small district of Rochdale, Lancashire which lies just outside the town centre. It has recently acquired the dubious mantle of ‘Benefits Capital of the UK’, which brought swiftly upon the concrete laden streets, the vagaries of national press attention. Just 50 metres away from this hotbed of scrutiny was a photographer with an entirely different subject framed within his lens.

The exterior geometry only hints at the symbolic wonders within

Andy Marshall explains: “ I am a photographer with a background in historic architecture and its conservation, and every now and again I get a call to help record a building which is under threat. On this occasion the building was the church of Saint Edmund in Falinge.”

Unconventional tracery at the Royd's Chapel

Andy is getting particularly used to photographing churches which are under threat, but this church overwhelmed him with the sheer quality, individuality and distinctiveness of its interior.

More symbols in the form of vine scroll, acorn and oak leaf motif's

“I remember first meeting the key holder there and discussing the history of the building as we entered the vestry. When we walked into the chancel I soon realised that Saint Edmund wasn’t the average Victorian church. I remember having to hold my excitement until I had the pleasure of being all alone in this remarkable space”.

To be continued.....

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