Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Well it's that time of week again. Every Wednesday I will be looking in depth at the technical, emotional, etc background to one of my photos. Today it is more on the emotional side. This image was taken in Venice in February 2005. It is on the Piazzetta San Marco outside the Doge's Palace. This photo was taken on the day before I got married at the Palazzo Cavelli on the Grand Canal. I found the process leading up to such an important event invigorating and the subject of my photography changed from one of abstract architecture to that of people and the associated hustle and bustle. This picture holds more than a memory for me then, with the sun slowly setting over the Zecca. It has a comfort and warmth which is calming and soothing - just what one needs on the night before the wedding. Stag Night? - just a quiet drink at Harry's Bar sufficed.

Feeling a little drained, artistic inspiration on the wane? Shoot into the sun my friend, shoot into the sun...

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