Thursday, April 20, 2006

ARCHIPEDIA: R is for....

The Apse of the Romanesque Kilpeck Church, Herefordshire UK

ROMANESQUE: Specific style predominantly relating to architecture as expounded by Thomas Rickman after discovering that there was a common pattern which had developed over time in Ecclesiastical architecture.

Romanesque is normally apportioned to architecture of the C11th and C12th centuries in Europe which has a strong stylistic influence from ancient Roman architecture. In England it is more commonly referred to as Norman.

This influence is typified by round arches and strong bold columns and piers. Romanesque is also characterised by its decoration which can consist of
  • Diaper Work
  • Chevron Pattern

  • Grotesque ornamentation with influence from the Bestiary

Part of the lively sculpture at Kilpeck Church Herefordshire UK

There are some excellent examples of Romanesque architecture in the UK including Durham Cathedral, Kilpeck and Adel.

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Here are images of Kilpeck Church (50% of sales of these images go to the Church)

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