Friday, January 26, 2007

My Billingham Bag

My Billingham Bag

I have two Billingham (photographic) Bags which serve me faithfully. One for larger projects and the other for swinging around town. Love them both - can't do without them. Even feel the urge to draw them....


Peter said...

I'd love to see a list of the gear you carry in each of those bags. The contents of each of my (LowePro) bags varies with the job, but I am always interested to know what other people carry. Like you, much of my work involves photographing places and structures.

BA(Hons)Lit.Hist; DipBldgCons(RICS) said...

Hi Peter

It has taken many years to evolve into a couple of bags which suit my way of work. It is I suppose a personal choice depending upon your way of working and your equipment. I have a Billingham 555 for larger projects which holds anything from my Canon 5D and assortment of 4 lenses (12mm, 50mm, 70-300mm, and 500mm) - or my Mamiya RB67 and lenses. For quick city trips abroad etc I have the Hadley Pro - ideal for the 5D and a couple of lenses. Lots of pockets in all bags, as you know, for remote releases, levels, etc. Tripod for architectural work is Manfrotto with a geared head.


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