Saturday, June 23, 2007

Pattern and Decoration

Sometimes, I get caught up in the sheer wonderment of pattern and decoration in buildings.

Both are key elements in how a building is expressed to the observer. Without it our buildings would be just mundane backdrops to our lives.

Buildings are decorated in a myriad of ways. Pattern and decoration can reveal the sheer virtuosity of the designer, or encompass the message within the structure. Repetition of a material, or colour or form can enhance and reinforce a message or a feeling. Soft and circular patterns can convey a feeling of grace and comfort, whilst sharp and angular patterns can relate to domination and danger (think about the masculine strength of the Romanesque chevron)

All styles of architecture have used pattern and decoration to express their raison d'etre.

Here is a slideshow of my Pattern and Decoration set on flickr to give some examples.

For the designers amongst you check out my SWATCH SET

Most of all, ENJOY!

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