Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Veronese Architecture

A trip to Verona, Italy last week caught my imagination - it is a remarkable hotbed of architecture.

Squeezed in between the loop of the River Adige it has developed from a defensive site into a City State and now a popular tourist attraction. All the architectural layers are there to see from the earliest Roman existence, through to the Romanesque, Gothic, and Renaissance. I was particularly struck by the rich survival of detail to doors, windows and floors.

Anyway no more of that - here's a taster of some of the shots I took - clicking on them should take you through to flickr which has a description of each shot.

Verona, Italy

Colonna del Mercato, Verona, Italy


Arena at Dusk

Lion detail - Duomo, Verona, Italy

Padre with flowers

Piazza Dei Signori, Verona Italy

Piazza Dei Signori, Verona Italy

Heres a link to the full set on flickr (which will grow as I add more)

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