Monday, September 18, 2006

ArchiBling: Saint Mary's Bury Lancashire UK

Right here, and out there, right under our noses, are literally tens of thousands of exquisite and overwhelming works of art with remarkable cultural significance which we can view for free if we turn up at the right time.

The UK is a treasure box of priceless art which has been accumulated over thousands of years.

Here in the northern town of Bury in Lancashire is one example. Saint Mary's church has a remarkable interior. Walk into the nave and allow your eyes to be led by the sumptuous Minton mosaic floor towards the alter where a visual treat awaits you in the gilded oak reredos using evocative themes such as the adoration of the Magi to fill your senses..... and here it is.

click on the image to see the reredos in its full glory

Tabblo: ArchiBling: Saint Mary's Bury Lancashire

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