Thursday, September 21, 2006

Continuity in Architecture

I received an email from Dominic Roberts last week. He is an architect and contributes to a blog from the Manchester School of Architecture. I had a read through it this morning and there's some refreshing stuff about putting contemporary architecture into context of its historical past.

Here's a quote:

"We are interested in the qualities of places that have persisted and we prefer a reading of history that stresses the permanence of tradition as the subject of architecture. Tradition in architecture in this context is the embodied meaning of buildings and cities produced by centuries of lived experience. Embodied meaning can be interpreted through building. Discovery and recognition are a vital part of the design process - we presume that we have a duty to carefully analyze and describe a place before we can alter it. Can the legibility of architecture be increased through the establishment of continuity with history?"

If your'e interested in all aspects of architecture then this site is well worth hooking up to. Could have done with the above quote when I was completing my thesis on Genius Loci in Architecture.

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