Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My most popular image on Flickr

Organ staircase Saint Mary's Studley Royal, Yorkshire UK, originally uploaded by fotofacade.

The photo was taken on a manfrotto tripod with a canon 5d and sigma 12mm lens. It was post processed in photoshop and photomatix

I must admit that I am surprised at this pic being my most popular image on flickr. It's had around 1800 views to date and favourited 155 times. What is it about the pic which makes it so popular?

Is it the subject matter - the organ staircase of a church? - doubt it

Is it the unusual angle, or the geometric pattern? - maybe

Is it the hdr post processing? - maybe

One thing for sure we are all drawn to the things around us by their shape, colour and texture. Architectural subjects are the same and they have an effect upon us.

Architects use this all the time.

I call this the genius loci of architecture, the intangible bits which effect how we feel about our environment.

Here is a flickr group I set up with images that show a bit of that old genius loci

Taken with a Canon 5D


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