Thursday, December 08, 2005

Hopper Heads

Georgian Lead Hopper dated 1735 initials hg on St Saviourgate York

Continuing the theme from my post about Door Knobs, whereby the 'Devil' can often be found in the detail, and in many cases (such as hopper heads, water outlets etc), in architectural detail which is regarded as 'mundane'. There are thousands of Hopper Heads with marks, decorations, patterns, initials, dates and shapes.I've seen them in every country I have visited. They are often missed because they are placed high on a building or they survive because they are situated at the back of a building which is subject to more infrequent change than the front. My favourite's, I have to admit, are the Georgian classical style made out of lead. They are wonderful examples of craftmanship. In those days it was a matter of civic pride to adorn every feature of a building with the craftsmans touch. Building's were regarded as purveyors of messages such as 'this is an important place', or 'this is a place of worship', or 'this is my factory and I, the owner am a benevolant person'. Look at the details as a whole and see what the building is trying to say. They talk to me all the time - but don't tell anybody;)

Lead Hopper detail at Former Bank by Edgar Wood at Middleton Greater Manchester UK

Unique C18th lead Hopper beautifully shaped into the classical form of a column with fluting Beverley East Riding Yorkshire

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