Saturday, December 10, 2005

Maine Road

There's no such thing as a typical Saturday, but one theme throughout is the myriad of ways I have invented to try and listen to or watch my local football team in spite of being at a wedding or a prize-giving or an art gallery or in Chinatown for lunch. Micro sized radio's help, what they don't do is remind you that your'e sitting in the reference section of a library when you whoop with joy as your team scores the winning goal in the 90th minute - something every man's got to do by 30. Talking about doing things by your 30 - I almost started a chant too, when my team was playing Lincoln and Lincoln had been given a dodgy free kick I shouted "The referee's from Luton" over and over again until somebody tapped me on my shoulder and reminded me that we were playing Lincoln (or was it the other way around?). I definitely did start a Mexican wave at my football teams former stadium Maine Road which was demolished recently.

A couple of years ago I took a short trip around the ground with camera in hand. I even got gripped by a local security guard for daring to try and photograph the remains of my hallowed ground. What is it about stadia that pulls the heart strings?

Anyway heres a lightbox of images of Man City's former football ground Maine Road

Ive also put a marker on my Mapping Manchester wayfaring map - if you click the satellite button you will actually see that Maine Road is still there..... old photo? or ( like the proverbial Elvis sitings), might it still be there.....?

And we're losing 1-0......

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