Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Thanks to SPAB for saving my local

Got my shiny spanking new Cornerstone - magazine from the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings and low and behold I find a pic of my local 'The Old Boars Head' in Middleton.

The photo is in the SPAB archive which dates back to 1877 and is still used to this day to help save our heritage. Apparently The Old Boars Head was threatened with demolition in 1914 with plans for a town hall. Uum well I bet that was a difficult decision;). On a more serious note - it does seem blindingly obvious today that the C16th timber framed Old Boars Head public house should be saved from demolition - but it does happen, and SPAB is at the forefront of such activity often working in the background to help save our cherished (and sometimes not so cherished) architectural heritage.

I'll have an extra pint for SPAB tonight.

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